My Everyday Tech: 2022!

What’s in my bag and on my phones RIGHT NOW.
All links below v

Peak Design V2 Everyday 20L:
MacBook Pro 16:
AirPods Max:
Opal C1 webcam:
Canon R5:
Canon 15-35 RF:
USB-C cable with display:

Trove slim wallet:
iPhone 13 Pro:
Pixel 6 Pro:
Agenda Calendar Widget:
Osmos game:

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:




  1. Ahaaa….same phone (iPhone 13 pro)… same apps on home screen except the nerdy stuff MKBHD uses…almost the same layout… we think quite the same bro 😎

  2. Honestly, this is one of the things i fear the most when carrying tech. Just imagine if someone took off with that Bag. If you can’t outrun them, you’re f-ed. The thief is straight up rich after stealing this bag because even if he sells it for less on the aftermarket, you have to remember that’s top end gear.

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