Motorola Edge 40 review

The Moto Edge 40 retails as low as €500 (in some markets) but that still sounds like a lot for a mid-ranger, and side-by-side comparisons with rivals often end with the Moto losing the price battle. But the Edge 40 offers a feature set and performance quite unlike the rest, and it’s possibly worth the premium. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Design and build quality
01:22 – Display quality test
02:11 – Speaker quality test
02:37 – Fingerprint scanner & Storage options
02:50 – Android 13
03:22 – MediaTek Dimensity 8020
03:40 – Thermals chart
03:48 – Battery life and charging speed test
04:22 – Main cameras
04:31 – Main camera image and video quality
05:57 – Ultrawide camera image and video quality
06:47 – Selfie camera image quality
07:02 – Conclusion
07:43 – Selfie camera video quality



  1. How on earth did we get to the point that a Motorola mid-ranged is beating a Sony mid-ranged when it comes to the video? This looks far better than the 1080p coming out of the 10V

  2. trash brand, they don't know how to fix issues on their devices, the customer service will communicate with you, ask you about the problem and issues, after that they will no longer post updates regarding your concern,

  3. Another expensive midranger to disappear in the crowded ranks…

    Kudus to Moto for axing the useless 3rd for show camera…

    Unfortunately there's nothing that separates this phone from what is already available elsewhere….

  4. Every coming new phone should be changed on people' need.
    And not from previous model.
    Battery should have been 5000 mah.
    Motorola had 4000 mah battery in previous model.
    So they upgraded 4400 mah battery.
    This is ridiculous.
    What is people's need that is important. What people wants from the phone that that is important.
    There should be 5000 mah battery in this phone.
    Companies should seriously think on this.

  5. At this price, you expect a Pixel or Samsung S series level camera or at least cameras to be as good as iPhone 11's. otherwise in India, We have the same offering from Indian Brand LAVA at Half price (120hz curved Oled, Glass Back, Clean, and Stock Android 13, 2 years of OS Updates, MTK 7050, and also a trashy 50 MP camera as MOTO has offered, but 1-year pick and drop and full phone replacement service).

  6. Should i buy to Motorola Edge 30 Pro ? It's on sale in Australia from $999 to $599 and if I sign a to a 2 year contract of $69 they give give me a further $550 of the phone , So the phone will only cost me $50 .

  7. Android Smartphone that I really like is Motorola’s smartphone I use Motorola L6 Motorola L7 Motorola V3i and last MotoG1st Generation till gone 😢
    But now Motorola didn’t enter in my region country

  8. Its way more cheaper than pixel 7a and A54 in India. The only fact keeping me away from Moto is, their update cycle. That really sucks. E40 is priced at $350 for 8GB 256GB in India. Its worth the money.

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