Moto G200 5G hands-on & key features

The Moto G200 is Motorola’s most powerful phone in a while. Here’s ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features at a glance!

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Design and build
1:15 6.8’’ LCD, 1080p, 144Hz refresh rate quality test
1:35 Android 11
1:57 Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G
2:18 Battery endurance and charging (33W) test
2:31 Camera specs
2:51 Conclusion



  1. The only reason to get the G200 is if you want the 888+ (that overheats in any phone, including this one) and the 144hz screen.

    But for the rest, Motorola wise the G100 makes more sense, G200 is around 480 euro in my country while the G100 goes for around 299 to 319 euro.

    And the G100 has TOF sensor, 870 that works 100% fine, headphone jack, micro sd slot, better battery life due to the chip used in it and for the fans of selfies it has 2 front facing cameras.

    G100 makes more sense than the G200 motorola wise, I am not counting other brands because then that list would get even longer, plus pricing varies per country and region, in mine the G100 is the cheapest 870 phone for example.

    Anyhow G200 doesn't make much sense.

  2. I am Motorola owner for 5 years and planning to buy g200 as a new one
    But I can't understand that a 400€ phone doesn't have stereo speakers.
    I'm not a gamer and I will probably never use the stereo speakers features but I want to have it!
    When making phones that feature probably costs 1$ or 2$ why is to so hard to make stereo speakers in a phone whose brand represents it as one of their best.
    Also no Gorilla glass protection is a turnoff as well.
    I think these are basic things phone should have at this price. I would love a g200 but still I'm questioning myself should I buy it.

  3. No headphone jack and no expandable storage. Not sure why this doesn't have them considering the G100 did. Also, the G100 lacked bands 71 for LTE and 5G which are used for T-Mobile so curious to see if they addressed that

  4. I'm Glad U Brought That Up…Cause I Have The Next Best Things To That…
    And I'm Rather Concerned If Both Phone Will Receive Android 12 & Android 13 Updates…At Least Android 12…

  5. So are people not complaining about recent phones being too large?plus Motorola phones are extra cus they are more wide and heavy making it a task to carry around.i think They should limit phones sizes to 6.2inch or at most 6.3..lets no honest mobile phones are becoming too large

  6. Besides off screen and speakers, this phone easily outperformed my fold 3. Litterly one of the best budget/flagship spec phone I've ever held!!! Worth every single cent, and truly a wake up call of what propaganda Samsung and Apple sell

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