M2 Pro Mac Mini Review: Game Changer!

This tiny computer out-benchmarks the base Mac Pro… and the price went down.

M2 Max MacBook Pro Review:

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Computer provided by Apple for review.




  1. My 2018 i5 mac mini still does what I need it to do. Compiles flutter apps really fast, and spins up docker images super fast. Hell, my 2012 non retina macbook pro still does amazing, barely lags behind at all.

    I'll keep kicking the can down the road

  2. Do people still use computers? 🤔 i mean i feel like you can do everything from a phone too, so if you are not a gamer or a video editor etc, then i don’t see the point. Why would you wanna sit there for hours😂

  3. Thanks for review on this. I am interested in purchasing the new M2 Mac Mini or I am thinking about waiting to the M2 Mac Studio – should I wait or go for the M2 Mac Mini Pro?

  4. Great review again, Mr Brownlee you say you can use the mac mini with whatever ($600) display you want (of course it will be better with a Mac Display) But i'm curious what it would look like with a 2k(1080) 4k or a 8k tv. Would it be possible in your next 'mac mini' review to try this.? and do you think the i-mac might get the new M2 chip and a bigger screen? keep up the great vids

  5. It's quite saddening to see a mac mini starting at $599 in the US, meanwhile in Brazil the same mac mini starts at R$12.000 (Real), funny how people in the US wonder why we don't use Apple products as much

  6. If you spec out a Pro mini with comparable RAM, SSD, and ethernet it is about the price of the M1 Max Studio. It will be interesting to see what happens to the pricing once the M2 (or M3 studio is released). It is the Apple way to ladder/tier their prices but these two items actually seem TOO close once the generation gap is closed.

  7. Great video. As aslways. We need your help! Please report about the high pitch noise on the mac studios. „WE“ the users are tired of fighting against apple ignoring the problem. We spend thousends of dollars on mac studios and they , as far as I know, all have a high pitched sound to it which makes it impossible to put them on the desk (as advertised) in editing suits or sound studios. I am pretty sure you can get hold on some machines, not suplied by apple. Your channel is about tech. But it was also always about the consumer. The mac rumors forums are full of complain abd videos documenting the problem. Unfortunatly none of the big tech channel ever mentioned something about the noise. Would be cool to have somebody with influence taking on that subject.

  8. IMO, still better to buy Macbook Air M1 to have additional screen when you're at home and portability when you're outside.
    Because anyway, at some point you want to take your mac mini with you to some travel or work…. And it would be better if it has a screen 🙂

  9. The base spec is a scam as shown by MaxTech. Huge issues with the SSD and swap. As usual with your reviews you’re basically reading from the spec sheets instead of doing any actual testing / comparisons. Supremely lazy and uninformed, and feeding your 16 million subscribers nonsense information / recommendations.

  10. damn… these performances are stunning.. my desktop processor ( which i consider waay enough for everything I do ) has a single score of 1000ish… this thing puts out a SINGLE core score of 1900? holly fk. twice as powerful, and the whole system is less power than probably my harddrives… amazing technology

  11. You can save your breath on the "Sustainable" spot out of the videos. People may say they care but do they really? like really? Its made out of used cans. Great that makes me want to buy it, yep.

  12. While understanding iMacs are nice and clean cable-wise… I don’t get why people still would buy anything for a desktop non-mobile option other than a Mac Mini at this point. If Apple put a built in sharecast display feature so it could wirelessly connect to a Mac mini I’d mayyyybe finally buy an Apple display.

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