Livestream: Xiaomi 12S Ultra Q&A session

It’s history in the making. You are welcome to GSMArena’s first ever livestream. The topic: the Xiaomi 12S Ultra – arguably the best cameraphone to date.

We’d be happy to have you in this live session where Will is going to be answering your questions about the phone. For the best chance to get yours answered, drop it in the video chat section ahead of time.



  1. the people who participated in this Q and A did the poorest job at asking valuable questions for the rest of the tech community. It's obvious the vast majority of people who participated are novice and average consumers of electronics. Will, I think the majority of Xiaomi consumers and Mi 11 Ultra owners would like to know the follow: do you think the camera software issues are comparable to the mi 11 Ultra when it was first launched? I think the tech community who have reviewed this phone have pointed out issues with blown highlights and issues with video performance. Also, how do the cameras and camera software compare to the Mi 11 Ultra in both current states? Xiaomi has done wonders with camera optimization for the Mi 11 Ultra from the last update. Thank you!

  2. Why are there no headphone tests?

    For the sound quality of streaming?

    How do we know how music sounds with headphones that support aptX HD, aptX Adaptive?

    I don't care about FPS

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