Is Sony finally better than Samsung?

Sony’s brand new Xperia 1 IV is here! But how does it compare to the similarly priced Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Check out Mine here:

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  1. Someone had lots of energy on this video… Micro Sd card check… Headphone jack check… Good Screen.. Check… Good Speakers… Check… Now that's already better than most Ultra/Pro /Max named phones

  2. I have a s21 ultra atm, even though I don't need to upgrade I feel like I would switch my phone in a heart beat, just because of the micro SD and headphone jack.

  3. If only Samsung added a headphone jack and SD card removable storage to their otherwise excellent Galaxy 22 phones there would be no question about which phone I would buy. As it stands, the new Sony is looking pretty damn good and is "this" close to dragging me away from my Galaxy S8+ which is still such a good phone I truly am waiting for something rather more extraordinary to persuade me to part with the best part of $2k.

  4. Too bad… I was rooting for Sony… stopped at S21 Ultra and won't be supporting Samsung anymore. Hope next Pixel is worthy.

  5. If Sony is targetting niche market with the brand recognition they already have (Alpha cameras), they should also make the ultimate gaming phone using their PlayStation brand.

  6. Correction please! it is a pre-production box. you will get a cable AND a 30 W charger in the box. check with Sony again @Mrwhosetheboss

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