iPhone SE (2022) Review: Old Dog. New Trick.

iPhone SE = Special Edition, but really the formula is very simple…

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  1. I feel like only people on the internet care about the bezels. I just came from a 7 to a 13 and was originally going to get the mini because of the advertised screen size, but that it is seriously misleading. That is a diagonal measurement that has nothing to do with aspect ratio when watching media, the only reason IMO to have a larger screen. The mini has about the same screen size when watching videos in landscape. And you get the the benefit of the old form factor having those comfortable rounded edges and thinner body.

    I ultimately decided to get the regular 13, but I think you underestimate the appeal of the old form factor. If I could have my 13 in the body of the SE I would.

  2. The rant about Iphone 8 body kind of shows how this is a misunderstand product. This is for those customers who need the power of the new chip but are not impressed by large screens and want good efficiency in physically using the phone with the home button and reachability. if you need the larger screen, better camera yada yada yada theres Iphone 13 Mini as you said.

  3. Why didn't they just use the XR or 12/13 Mini design? I'm sure many Android users who are curious about the iPhone experience would be enticed to get an SE if they did those designs.

  4. I get what you're saying and I think they could do most of what you're suggesting if they replicate the old iPhone 6/7/8/ Plus phones. You'd have the 2 camera modules, bigger form factor for bigger battery etc. I'd really like to see it, the iPhone SE has been a great gift for friends and family members to get them into iOS.

  5. In 5year of ios update, you have to change your battery twiceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ battery performance in 12mini is just disaster, we know that. Despite being amoled display and has bigger battery than this phone.

  6. I think they are also keeping the screen size for app developers to continue supporting the dedicated 4.7 inch display size(propper sizing for all ui elements), also that display size looks like the same app layout that the iPad uses for the multitasking side over window

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