iPhone 14 – The Good, the Bad and the UGLY.

iPhone 14 impressions – including camera, battery, specs, features and Pricing!

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  1. Excellent video as always. Thank you! I’m a bit disappointed by the small step ahead on the 14 pros specially in the processor front because I am due to an upgrade this year and was hoping they were going to take it out of the park. I have the feeling that Apple is holding on the really good stuff for the iPhone 15, but I can’t wait one year more before upgrading

  2. the thing that bothers me the most about apple is that they haven't changed their design for years now
    there is no difference between the other phones except a slight difference in specs, they aren't even changing the chipset for the base model
    it's good that they finally caught up with some android features, but it hurts to see how people are so excited whe apple does it even if a 200€ android phone could do this years ago, i think every single new featured mentioned was already present in other android phones (except the satellite connection which is also premium)

    i miss the old times when everyone used to speculate what the next years iphone would look like, or when they completely revolutioned the design with the iphone X and the double camera

    the only impressive thing is the "dynamic island", probably the only apple feature i wish i had on my phone as an android user

    disappointing phone which is made even worse by all these scam techniques apple is using to make more profit

  3. Dynamic island? The punchhole is still ok if it's on the side not in the middle, but the big pill like this is intolerable especially for full screen viewing experience like watching this youtube? I would rather have the notch with smaller offset to the top edge than this elongated punch hole in the middle of my screen…the integration could be said useful only if the hole didn't defeat the purpose of having just tiny distraction, i wonder if this is just temporary idea by apple designer n they would totally ditch by having under screen camera for next gen iphone 15…

  4. Does nobody actually see the obvious problem with screens getting way too big ? Holding current gen phones is already a pain sometimes but it keeps getting worse each year just for.. marketing and a few more pixels..

  5. I know eSIM is only available in Canada and in the US, but I think that it shouldn't have removed the SIM plot but to leave it there and leave it up to people to decide whether or not they want to change. Because for people outside the US and Canada buy phones imported from there because it's cheaper and by not having a SIM plot it makes it difficult for people actually buying the phone.

  6. Hey bud got a question for you don't know if you can help got my wife the brand new Samsung 22 s22 the middle one and it's had problems from day one day they they switched her out to another one that one's having all kinds of problems freezing white screen you name it brand new and I mean she's not rough with it it's in an OtterBox it's very safe it's they both just had severe problems I don't know if you know any secrets or or who to contact by AT&T is not much of a help yeah I don't know check them out but they they do have severe problems or we just got bad luck

  7. Sigh. Technology is so depressing. I like Apple but this is boring. Dynamic Island? Really? Really?? 🙄🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
    So tired of these “incremental improvements”.

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