iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!


iPhone 13 improves the 3 most important parts of a smartphone.
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  1. I have had an iPhone 6s since 2015 and so has my friend & we're both upgraded to the iPhone 13 mini. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 6s are literally basically the exact same size phone — I am going to be telling everyone I know who has an iPhone 6s that now is the time, this is the year to upgrade. iPhone 13 mini is 5.18 inches by 2.53 inches and the iPhone 6s is 5.44 inches by 2.64 inches. With a case, you'll hardly notice a difference at all in the size.

    Apple finally did it — the iPhone 13 mini is literally a direct upgrade to the iPhone 6s with a good battery.

    I think the fact that the iPhone 6s lasted for many people for 6 years and that Apple is even going to give it iOS 15 is a testament to how good the iPhone 6s was.

  2. High key lying. ZdNet said unfinished and crappie. cinematic is a complete lie and mess. Forbes says a privacy and security risk with 3 zero day vulnerabilities for well over 6 months that will allow hackers to scrape everything off Apple devices that you have on them. 9 to 5 Mac also backed that up along with the Verge. So you are lying.

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