iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.

That pillow!

0:00 Intro
0:52 New $329 iPad
1:39 The iPad mini Refresh
3:09 Apple Watch Series 7
5:27 The iPhone 13 Lineup
5:52 The displays + ProMotion!
7:15 The new iPhone cameras
10:42 The new specs/prices

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:




  1. Pineapple: We care SO much about the environment. That's why we will not include a charger in the box. Instead you have to BUY one.

    Also Pineapple: We gon update our Phones EVERY YEAR, and make incremental adjustments to the hardware so the previous gen Phone cases won't fit anymore. What's that about obsolete case? Well thats the case makers problem not ours !

  2. They showed that you can adjust the focus in post because it stores a depth map with the video. I’d love to see just how much you can control in post vs how much you can control live.

  3. I completely forgot about ‘S’ mini updates on odd years they used to do. I think the integer model naming convention has made me expect more each year since it’s a ‘full generation’ ahead but it’s really just a 12S.

  4. MyDUDE! I've watched you since you were 15 doing reviews on messaging phone. I'm really blown away to see what you've evolved to…and really depressed that I'm underachieving so much maybe once day we'll talk then you'll know I stepped it up on my end!

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