iPhone 12 – The iPhone is New Again


iPhone 12 is finally here. Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are my thoughts on Apple’s latest smartphones.


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  1. I like the smaller phones because I keep them in my back pocket. I never watch movies or youtube on my phone, so I don't need a big screen. I'm 55 years old and I'm sure that makes a difference. Young people use their phones for everything. I mostly text, take pics, check out a short video of my granddaughter that my daughter sends me.

  2. My last iPhone was the 11, I already know that Apple is making their phones unrepearable by 3rd parties, so no Apple, no more, I already paid for my device, I should own it, not you, I decide who will repair my phone, not you! Good bye Apple!

  3. Unfotunately apple got behind in technology,
    Iphone 12 is an old design from 2013 and no 120 hz
    No sd card no bluetooth 5.2 etc etc etc

  4. Is the back of the iPhone 12 the same as the iPhone X? I haven’t payed attention to any iPhones after the X and the purple iPhone 12 has caught my eye

  5. Ugh! I hate apple (just a scummy company) my phone decided to shit out at 12 am and I absolutely needed a phone ASAP. Thought I’d buy a cheaper Walmart phone for the time being and got the XR for 350$ Actually surprised by it. It wasn’t to difficult to transfer my data and it’s really a decent phone. Only complaint is it’s a Fkn apple product 🤢.
    If I unhooked the battery and took to the Apple store they’d say it’s absolutely Fd and I need to trade it in for a new phone. Just a scummy company

  6. OMG!!!I wish I could see you kelvin1_tech on ig..I wanna say big thanks for choosing me as a winner..u are real..and hacking service are provided… 💯 legit😭

  7. Coming from the 8, the biggest differences I noticed personally was no touch button, face ID, and way faster and runs games better. I suggest only upgrading if you are running out of storage or you NEED the speed. Or your old iPhone gets buggy then you are probably not gonna stay supported with updates for very much longer.

    These tech reviews like Unbox Therapy, MKHBD, and so on really helps seeing what the tech does. Thanks to these reviewers I was able to make an informed purchase decision.

    Good work you guys!

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