iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger Unboxing and Test


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This video features Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charger. The new charger is Qi compatible and will work with the new iPhone 12 as well as previous iPhones (wireless charging). It will also work on compatible Android devices.


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  1. I can see a use case for this. When you're low on juice and need to charge your phone but your phone doesn't have a headphone jack, this will allow you to use the phone while wirelessly charging alongside using type c earphones. I don't like double dongles as they're have way worse sound quality and the better ones are expensive

  2. magsafe isnt needed folks but its nice for me to just slap my phone on a little magnetic puck i have embedded in my computer desk. The real use of magsafe imo is the magnetic wireles carchargers. I still use the cable for fast charging but most of the time my phones just chilling with a puck on it because its easy to just grab look at it put it back down and not mess with cable each time.,

  3. Nice. But nowadays. Everyone but most have POPSOCKEST on the back of there phones so where would I have room to place the charger if u have that already off centered of your phone

  4. The first Apple product I've returned… it would be great as a car charger/mount IF my car's stereo could give it a high enough wattage. For everyday charging the lightning cable is just as easy and doesn't torch your phone.

  5. This is a high level of stupidity by Apple engineers. Before you connect the charger to the phone, you still need that stupid magsafe thing to be connected to a power point, don't you? And taking 4 hours to fully charge the phone using magsafe is another level of stupidity. You only need 1 hour to fast charge while using Android phone. Another doubt is, is iphone 11 can support 20w? 😑

  6. They should have made it double sided, one side magnetic and another not so the user can choose whether it sticks or not 😏 cheers for the video✌🏽

  7. I have a X-Doria shockproof case on my iPhone 12 and I stick a circle magnet sticker for my car magnet holder and it also can stick on the MagSafe for charging too! Very convenient and useful for me! A great idea that I’ve think of!!!! 😁😁😁

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