iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations!

iPadOS 15 is coming to an iPad near you. Not just the iPad Pro. Any iPad.

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  1. Apple boys: Watch, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro/Air, Imac. If they make the iPad a "computer replacement" Apple is urging their own customers not to buy the laptop or desktop machines.

  2. APPLE. READ. THIS. COMMENT. Why can't you allow us to switch seamlessly between iPadOS and MacOS on the iPad. Have a toggle on control center that allows us to switch between 'Tablet' and 'Desktop' mode. Give iPadOS and MacOS a shared file system. iPad Pro w/ the magic keyboard (or other peripherals) now has the capability to run MacOS in all its glory. And it will allow professionals like myself to get the best of both from my iPad (the device I pay a premium for) and not to have to carry two devices.

    Allowing the iPad to run MacOS will not make Macs obsolete. It'll place it around MacBook Air territory with the bonus of having a killer tablet experience too!

    Rather than make iPadOS a convoluted, over-thought mess with 'desktop-like' features… just add both OS's and allow us to seamlessly switch between them depending on our use-case!

    Much love Apple. I hope you'll deliver.

  3. Even if they officially add a weather app and calculator app, I’ll probably stick with Carrot Weather and PCalc. 🤷🏼‍♂️Apple really does need to do something to take more advantage of the M1 in the iPad Pro. I would honestly love to see Aperture make it’s way back into the market.

  4. Steve Jobs Said it when they put iPod app in the first iPhone, "If you are not willing to canibalize your own product for a better experience, someone else will" Apple is doing this to save it's MacBook Air/Pro 13 line

  5. What’s with the wether app? Isn’t the point of the app to get info about weather? If the widget already does that, what’s the point of an app? I’m glad you said what you said at the end because it’s just true.

  6. The iPad is for drawing artist, architects, graphic designers, etc… (that’s the hole point of the pencil too)
    MacBook Pro, air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, are for video editing and everything else…. both devices have different uses … don’t get things mixed

    It’s like buying an iPhone expecting to work a same as a laptop just because they got the same processor… it just don’t make sense
    (In my opinion jeje )

    Ps.. ooh and also.. it’s apple .. so they are always going to sell you more and more technology you may not need

  7. Will/Can you make a video of using iPad OS 15 and MacOS Monterey features together? Pretty much a video of Monterey features preview with the new feature that universal control feature. That would be awesome. Just sooooo looking forward to it. I'm really hoping the release to the public happens before I start my next set of classes. Thanks Marques for all you do.

  8. Give it a year or two, you’ll see macOS on the iPad definitely. It’s definitely the sole purpose of the M1 chip being introduced. You know apple just takes a lil while to release things because they’re annoyingly precise. And it’s a good thing, I mean yea obviously it’s not perfect, but there is an inviting essence in their products and it’s good engineering. It’s obviously the ecosystem that keeps us in Apple, but I think it’s that fact that it’s so natural and simple and Mac OS would have to change up a bit to maintain simplicity.
    Personally I think windows was on the right path, but because they lack the ecosystem and overall good software engineering, it’s not quite there(oh yea and they discontinued the phones, biggggg screw up there) I used to wonder where the Nokia windows collab would be now if it was around still. Did you like the windows Nokia phones?

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