iPad Pro M2: What Does “Pro” Even Mean?

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the iPad Pro is still… really good

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  1. Yeah, I've been running a 2018 model 11" iPad Pro for about 3 1/2 years and its still perfectly fine. The only reason I'd want to upgrade to the new one is for the 12.9" model. Otherwise, I'm satisfied with the version I have, even if I don't have the cool extra features.

  2. I’m extremely happy with my 5th gen m1 2tb/16gb cellular. I’ll use it until it can’t be used anymore. There’s nothing the m2 can handle that the m1 can’t. I was in shock when my 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9 was able to run alien isolation in highest graphics setting butter smooth.

  3. My Mother does almost all of her work on her iPad Pro. She is an embroidery designer.

    My Sister also does all of her work on her iPad. She is an artist.

    Maybe my family is a bit of a niche, but from my perspective, there are lots of Pro iPad users. Maybe it’s not right to dismiss that, just because you don’t use the iPad as a Pro device.

  4. The only real Pro feature I see is the hover function. That actually is needed for a pro painter for example. But it's sad it isnt in the previous M1 model.
    Its nice having a powerful device for 3D modeling for example, and video editing and some graphic design work. So yeah, all Pro stuff (M1 still handles it all amazingly). But overall, in my eyes, that hover function is KEY.

  5. Apple thinks that horsepower is all that professionals need to do their stuff on an iPad, that's ridiculous. Just an example: If you make music on an iPad, you might want a headphone jack.

  6. Excuse the following writing 'Prose' please 😉
    So now with 'Ultra', things are gonna get even more confusing! Ideally Apple should make 'Ultra' what 'Pro' is now (enthusiasts who like high-end) and 'Pro' could be for actual Professional users. But like you say enthusiasts still do some work on their owned Apple products. So maybe Apple should eventually just remove 'Pro' and change it to 'Ultra'? As everyone likes to be 'Ultra', either paid, or not! 😂

  7. OMG THE PENCIL HOVER like since when did one cell phone manufactuter had it on one of their models (didnt want to write directly the name but everybody knows it 😀 )

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