In studio with the All-Electric 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

A closer look at the new All-Electric 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ…. #ad –

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  1. Can you do us a favor and maybe shoot even wider in your videos? Why not 5mm lens so your head looks like an alien. It's really cool to see your hand is twice as big as your head.

  2. Truly impressed
    Would be cool if they had more of this level of style and quality on gas models before this. The battery tech really seems to be the only thing that would hold anyone back from this it’s absolutely smashing the comp it just needs to hold up with the electronics

  3. Am I the only one who was rocking out to Vivaldi and then super sad when it cut before the best part? Legit went and listened to the rest before finishing this video.

  4. Starts at 62K. Good luck getting average customers with that amount. It's cool but honestly, you can live without most of the gimmicks. Why would I want speakers against my head? There's tons of gas powered cars that are substantially cheaper and have lots of features. This is partly why EV's are going to have a hard time catching on. Also the fact that many people live in apartments and would have to wait a while to charge up. Most people just want to fill up with gas for a couple of minutes and move on. And good luck self repairing this or any other EV. Looks like a ton of breakable components.

  5. I've subscribed to UnboxTherapy years ago for those random things he used to unbox, which was pure entertainment especially when he oddly reacts to them, now it's all phones and cars, which is fine, but it made the channel loosing its glow ..

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