I Tried a Secret Google Project!

An exclusive first look and footage of Google Project Starline!

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  1. Yeah great, so mega corps can just further monitor your conversations and now full 3D depth and mapped video in your home. No thanks. Love the technology though!! The issue is it will just be abused in current times. In short, let's not shill too hard for one of the most corrupt corps on Earth, proceed with extreme caution.

  2. Bleeding edge tech with early 2000's hard wear and styling. How did they not make this seamless edge to edge screen that blends into the background and the cameras could be in the corners of the room?

  3. Pretty sweet, but I wonder what kind of internet speeds would be required, if even basic zoom calls can get a little pixelly and stuttery I wonder how bad this can get, because it seems to be recording and transmitting like 10x the amount of data.

  4. This could be used to work on 3D models or something like that. You know, instead of displaying an actual person on the screen, you could display a 3D model that you want to edit or visualize, and when you move your head, it actually rotates reallistically. That plus a hand control (the thing that looks at your hand in the air and identifies the position of your fingers) to move it and zoom would be so good. I think that would be a whole other level of 3D modeling compared to nowadays. I mean, just imagine it.
    Not just that, any videogame would have an amazing experience with that. You could use it for pretty much anything, like a normal computer except the display is nearly 3D instead of 2D. This could be the monitors of the near future (well, only if they get a lot cheaper, but I hope they will).

  5. This tech, as is, is not THAT useful. BUT, imagine a "whole room tracking" where you could get full sized humans as AR characters….

  6. Looks great. Will cost an absurd amount and be cancelled after 3 years when management lose interest or some other startup (or Zoom) makes one for 1/3 the price.

  7. After viewing this, my thought was that this was the 3DS on steroids, which is a lovely idea for immersive 3D without any glasses

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