I tested 9 Gadgets that Think Different.

Unboxing of my favourite Tech gadgets/ Gifts ever for 2022 / 2023!
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0:00 Bike Helmet:

0:25 Balmuda Toaster:

1:02 Tap Strap 2:

2:10 Mighty Mug:

3:22 Smart Mirror:

5:09 Stemplayer:

6:46 Sky Planter:

8:12 C3 Rover:

9:23 Tesla Coil:

10:49 SolidSuit (links at top)

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  1. For a moment I prefered your videos over MKBHD but this is just getting stupid now. I feel like these are meant for a 13 year old who can't sit still for one second

  2. Tesla music coil is one of the things I have actually seen before, there are many videos on YT about them.
    Only it typically involves versions that are like 100 times bigger, produce enormously long arks and can kill you instantly

  3. Arun, could you at least TRY and present a video just once in a while wearing pants?
    Having to suffer elderly postmen delivering my council tax bills etc while in Daisy Duke shorts, I’m beginning to suffer trauma from the incessant vision of men without big boy pants. Jacob Rees Mogg summed it up on being asked did he wear or even own shorts? Replied , “ No, I think you will find, shorts are worn by children”

  4. Mrwhosetheboss I really trussed you wenn you said Redmi note 10 is good and then I bought the Redmi note 11s so I thought it would be better but it turns out that the phone isn't even waterproof so mrwhosetheboss I if you read this then can. You please test the Redmi note 11s pl

  5. Pretty sure that airbag helmet would have been too late to stop you smashing your head into the ground there if you'd gone down harder. I don't doubt then when it's inflated its 8x better than a helmet. And that it inflates almost instantly AFTER its detected the fall. But you have to trust it has detected a fall. Completely no starter really. Needs to be in conjunction with a regular helmet. I'd need to check it out, but unless I see independent studies I'd almost feel it risky to advertise it like this.

    Hand keyboard is awful the moment it required multiple taps for a single letter.

    Cup was cool. Niche uses, but seems like an awesome cup if you have children around.

    Smart mirror is awesome. I want one. Not to live interact or anything though. I'd need a bespoke dashboard set up for that.

  6. awesome video, but please dont spread the misinformation about mirrors.
    there are various different ways they are created, and the finger method is not a good way to test, as some legit mirrors do the what the "2 way mirror" does.

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