I bought my Mum her Dream Car.

Thank you for making this possible ❤️

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  1. Absolutely stunning act of kindness to a deserving person. Mercedes is getting exposure for this and idk if you already considered it, but Shaz deserves something too. It's literally his job to sell the car, yes, but his patience and excitement to do this with you would mean a lot to me, in your shoes.

  2. Giving gives you more than getting, that's why you want to. if you love the person you are giving, that's even better. We are build in teamplayers, we like to help others. Too many people don't know this secret. But it's not that simple don't give people how use it against you. Otherwise if you get the right response, "thank you" from the hearth, it's always better option.

  3. So why would they decide to do this for you, and for you alone? Im talking about what you said nobody wants to work around christmas, they would empty the whole showroom for you etc. Did you pay them something extra that isnt included in this video? 🙂 Im genuinely curious

  4. You're blessed to still have your mother alive, and I'm very happy to see you making that special woman smile.

    Best video of your channel by a mile.

    God bless all moms and God's blessings on all moms we have lost.

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