I am leaving GSMArena…

Hey everyone, time to move on. It’s been an amazing journey with you all. Thanks for all of your support!

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  1. You and Will is the reason why I have been watching this channel for the last few years and I will be sad to see you go. I hope you enjoy your new adventure and you will be truelly missed.

  2. You know, women are attractive in camera especially in men's preference. I like to see if you're the one doing the video. It's sad, yeah really sad. But please reach us out for another. God bless

  3. You have been absolutely great. I have loved watching you. Will miss you. Have a great time in your future endeavours.

  4. you should totally start your new video making career with alternative video streaming platforms in mind! You will be happy not having to rely on one big service and having a "backup" for all your viewers to go to should something go wrong :3

  5. Im from Thailand i have followed gsm arena for many years and also following you for many years it not easy for me to see this channel without you i like how to behave when you review finally I’m look forward to see your new content.

  6. U will be missed Angie… Let me tell u one thing, u are lucky that u are getting such a good farewell. In my 7+ years of career, i have changed 4 jobs and never got a single farewell. But hey, i made friend, some really really good friends who are here to stay. And u too have friends… Good luck… And be happy…

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