Huawei P50 Pro hands-on & key features

The Huawei P50 Pro is Huawei’s top-tier model and its international release has just been announced. Pre-orders are already open and we just got our hands on this baby, getting ready to review it. In the meantime, check out our hands-on to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features at a glance!

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00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Design and build
00:41 – Screen specs
01:12 – Software and UI
01:44 – Snapdragon 888 4G chipset
01:57 – 66W charger in the box
02:11 – Camera specs
02:37 – Conclusion



  1. Can't wait to see your reviews on the Redmi note 11 series, because it feels more like a downgrade 😩
    Writing this from my Redmi note 10 pro max ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Are we sure we want to trust a company that can be controlled and restricted by the government? Maybe it is time to move away from google and their centralised software ecosystem for good.

  3. I still use a P30 pro. Hardware and build quality is excellent and this was the last phone to come standard with the Google services. I think the new phones look great, but I'm not prepared to sideload apps and deal with all the issues that comes with that.
    The new Honor phones look almost identical to the Huawei phones and they come with full Google services. That could be an option.

  4. So Badly, Leica maybe have leave Huawei, sorry not really know about that. And partner with Xiaomi

    So Sad, Huawei become kinda Dead Smartphone Brand since there's no Google Stuffs, No Partnership again, and using previous generation Network

  5. Huawei need to seriosuly reconsider their pricing. Awful, awful, strategy.I suspect like a lot of people, I'd be prepared to give HarmonyOS a go if the price was right. Rebranded Lumia 1080 in effect with a retro price to boot.

  6. it`s sad too see this weird generation considering themselves geeks, that can`t find the dozens of places loaded with millions of android apps…and the useless 5g gimmick :))

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