Huawei Nova 10 Pro review

The Huawei nova 10 Pro is a rather unique smartphone that can easily spark your interest. The combination of a high-res OLED, snappy hardware, eye-catchy design, and an interesting choice of cameras, plus the 100W charging – well, it surely made us curious, if not intrigued.

Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Design and build
00:58 – Screen specs
01:44 – Under-display fingerprint reader
01:51 – Stereo speakers test
02:08 – Storage options
02:13 – Software (EMUI 12) and UI
02:57 – Snapdragon 778G 4G performance
03:27 – Battery endurance and charging test
03:54 – Selfie cameras specs
04:04 – Selfie cameras photo quality
04:55 – Selfie cameras video quality
05:27 – Rear cameras specs
05:36 – Daylight photo quality
06:36 – Low-light photo quality
07:18 – Video quality
08:00 – Conclusion



  1. A lot of people here are mocking Huawei. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they were the same as nokia, htc and lg who just fell behind. Huawei's case is very different. They overtook apple in 2018 to the number 2 spot and with the release of p30 pro in march 2019, they were miles ahead in the flagship segment but after just two months they were banned by the u.s by the reason of national security concerns (lol if you believe that I feel sorry for you). Huawei was just advancing too fast that the west needed to ban them or else they will be left behind.

  2. could have been a good phone, but there is no google app. i was even thinking of huawei mate pro. but again no google, im stuck with nova 3, and the thing is , i want to fix my bended phone, but they dont have anymore parts or motherboard for it. also i still have a google app on my old huawei.

  3. The company is obviously struggling and this seemed like an effort at gaining funds for their R&D. Unfortunately, people today are more informed than they were 2 or 3 years ago. A phone without google, which supports most mainstream apps, is already a major deal breaker by itself. A slower chipset that can't support 5G and bloatware/adware heavy OS just outright crushes it when compared to other flagship devices from say, samsung or even domestic brands like oneplus and realme.

  4. Huawei has no way to compete without 5G support and higher prices than the competition, let alone the lack of Google Services. Also, EMUI 12 with Android 11??? We are in version 13 of Android now. What happened to HarmonyOS?

  5. waiting this on October 20 release here in Philippines.. It's time to upgrade from NOVA 3i .. rock on Nova 10 Pro!

    When it comes to technological innovation, HAUWEI delivers!


  6. you don't really need google play services. I just used PHONE CLONE app and transferred all my apps from old phone, viber, what's app, fb, bank application, netflix…everything

  7. I thought google playstore was back on Huawei devices. I was considering a new Huawei device, replacing my nova 5T. brand is really under rated now.

  8. Bro we know about the Google ban tell us about the phone, 5g is not fully implemented in the whole world but you keep talking about it like is 4g..

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