Huawei Mate Xs 2 review

Showing up a full two years after the previous outie, the Mate Xs 2 comes with several hardware tweaks. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Design and build quality
01:50 – Display (7.8” foldable OLED, 2200x2480px) quality test
03:08 – Speakers quality test
03:45 – HarmonyOS 2.0
04:36 – Snapdragon 888 4G
05:10 – Battery life and charging speed (66W) test
05:42 – Main cameras
05:54 – Daylight image quality, rear cameras
06:46 – Low-light image quality, rear cameras
07:34 – Selfie camera image and video quality
07:45 – Selfie rear camera image
08:14 – Video quality, rear cameras
09:17 – Conclusion



  1. Tho goggle has more and more intrusive "bloatware that you CANNOT uninstall, it is still where the most and biggest apps comply to and these are almost indispensable in daily life. And Huawei still continues to overworth its product line. So, no. Ain't happening.

  2. Cons:
    Absolute crap battery life
    No wireless charging
    Plastic screen that is exposed 24/7
    Last year's processor
    Same terrible huawei color science
    No Google services
    Dated Android version
    All your data will be sent to China
    Funds upcoming invasion of Taiwan

  3. Outward folding tech is cool need to make sure of display protection.
    No Google services supported
    Does the display is viable in outdoor too
    Supports HDR 10 plus easy to watch OTT
    Loud speaker is loud when it is come bass at higer I feel missing a lot soud quality.
    Supports split screen
    Huwaie app gallery
    Little sad Only 4G connects,SD 888 SOC
    battery life is not a concern to me
    No wireless charging
    I love selfie that to video selfie with 10.7 mp
    I would like OIS instead EIS
    zoom could have been better in video

  4. Always surprised to see that Huawei are still making phones to this day. I'd love to try one but yeah Google services are so needed in the US market. Not worth it to install applications purely through APK files rather than through the Google store.

  5. I STILL think this Google ban for Huawei SHOULD be removed. Huawei WANT to work with Google, Google WANT to work with Huawei, and this "OOOH its about spying, security and such with such a massive Chinese company" is bullsh!t, if the US Govt were so concerned about security, spying etc, then what about Xiaomi? Oppo? Oneplus? Hmmm? Nope, instead, just as it was happening, Huawei had just become the biggest phone manufacturer in sales on the planet (knocking Apple and Samsung off top spot). This ban caused a HUGE problem with manufacturing and supply for huge companies like Qualcomm, TSMC, Google and loads more companies/manufacturers, costing loads of jobs too. The ONLY official Android foldable supplier globally currently is Samsung, and since the days of the Mate 30(?) Huawei were SERIOUSLY innovative, they were making great strides in photography and other sides to mobile phones, heck look at the Mate X, this Mate XS2 and P50 pocket…. Just think… Without the ban, how would the foldable (and standard phones) market look instead? how competitive would phones be, how about innovation? prices of foldables COULD very well be cheaper than the artificially held high prices they are now, you would probably be enjoying a price war (who could bring the best innovative high tech, for the lowest price)… Oppo, with their Find N showed what could actually be used as proper 'Daily use' foldable (compared to the 80's laptop type brick the Galaxy Fold series have been), so, Huawei could have made a better version for the global market…
    Look what Huawei have done with their two models of foldables (this fold, and their version of a flip)… Some serious financial bungs, secret handshaking and dubiously made up threats were made some time a go, just to protect profits for some…. THE BAN IS ALL A FARCE and SHOULD be reversed…

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