HP Elite Folio Snapdragon Powered Convertible Unboxing

Unboxing the new HP Elite Folio 2-in-1.
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  1. Wow that box was beat to hell. With wi-fi access virtually everywhere and my cell phone tether in my pocket for places it is not, I don't see why anyone spends the $$ on LTE laptops.

    It amazes me that HP does not publicize (or does not realize) the folio has a fourth position: the screen flipped all the way back. The screen auto-rotates and the hinge on the unit is very strong. In this position, you now have infinite viewing angles on your screen instead of only two offered when tilted in the opposite direction ("kiosk" and "tablet"). I have yet to see any reviewer anywhere mention (or even notice) this feature, which really is one of the best things about these devices.

    [Edit: 14:20 wow, look at me being a moron. You did demonstrate this, the only reviewer to ever have done so. This is the configuration I use most often, usually with an external KB and mouse]

    The worst is the price gouging. Way overpriced for what it is. But I own the previous Gen and will likely grab this anyway. This thing has been my workhorse for a couple years now, dragged all over the country and worked day and night. I can't imagine life w/out it now.

  2. I looove this design. Kinda reminds me of the Surface Studio; I feel like itโ€™s what Microsoft wouldโ€™ve made of a surface studio portable edition. I donโ€™t have anything personally against Windows, Iโ€™ve owned and used Windows machines. But the apps and programs I enjoy are mostly from iPadOS and or macos. If this were running iPadOS,, oh damn..! Itโ€™s be very tempted. Or maybe running some sort of Linux based Os customized for this machine!!?! Oof!!!

  3. After seeing it on here yesterday, went straight onto Google and turns out that it's not even available in the UK. Obviously not like I can afford it but wanted to check the price, not available anywhere here!!

  4. but i didn't get any information about the performance of this tablet is it a high performance tablet or just entry level basic level performance?

  5. Wether i win or not ill always watch your videos because it calms me down , its like unboxing things i can't afford ๐Ÿ˜… Atleast theres the experience


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