How Samsung Phones are “Faking” their Photos.

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  1. well…. when i bought s22 ultra… i took moon shot… my friend saw it and he was amazed with it… i wasn't… because i knew its AI… AI just detects phase of the moon and enhances details… !!! good part was, it doesn't just copy paste moon photo… it enhances moon photo using AI

  2. The problem is that Samsung is literally lying you are taking a picture of the moon when you’re actually not. It’s not your picture of the moon, it’s computer made on top of a camera that’s supposed to take a great picture. The problem is that they are promising the camera is good enough to take a picture of the moon when in fact it’s not

  3. The problem is they deliberately lied to advertise their product and marketed it in such a way that "moon" photo feature makes its camera looks much more capable than they actually are, how good the ai is is irrelevant.

  4. Iphones HEAVILY rely on software to make their photos look better, so I don't get the point of emphasizing this. MHTB's quality goes down as his allegiance to Apple goes up 🥱

  5. 7:48 I still can't understand why peoples buy iPhone to shoot photos with… this is a prove that their phone camera isn't as good as the competition!

    anyway… is the Xiaomi photo "real"? or is it another trained AI? cuz if it's not that would mean that as for now they are leading (in therm od mobile photos) the market!

  6. The question will eventually come up, likely in court somewhere, regarding whether the altered photos are accurate evidence or not. After all, what if you snap a photo of a crime but the circumstances cause the camera to alter key bits of evidence (e.g. erasing background people or objects that are critical to the case). I see potential for a sort of AI-induced gaslighting—did you actually see what is in the photo?

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