How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.

Many mobile games, and video games in general, are starting to become physchomogically manipulative – let’s vote with our wallets. For RHINOSHIELD, use code “MRGRIP” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards) RHINOSHIELD GRIP:

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  1. A few updates after having seen the response to this video:

    1. From the feedback I've gotten, Pokemon Unite is one of the less malicious Free-to-Play games in this genre. I still stand by the fact that it employs manipulative strategies to earn more from players, but in hindsight there were a few things I could have done to save me spending quite as much as I did. That said, I don't want this to take away from the key message of the video, which still stands and is still incredibly important.

    2. Most of the shots in the video and screen recordings were sourced by my editor on my editors account, and so are more to demonstrate the points being made, as opposed to being representative of my own gameplay.

    3. I've been informed that it is currently possible to upgrade an item to level 30 without paying real money in Pokemon Unite – this hasn't always been the case and isn't made clear to the player – it seems to be a limited time thing – but nonetheless an oversight on my part!

    4. I am completely happy to admit that I am far from the best Pokemon Unite player. That said, while it is true that people with more skill can certainly get away with paying less, for the vast majority of the player base, paying is still the key legitimate way to make progress.

  2. Ofcourse they're designed to pay. I'm a free player and love these games. It takes some time playing but free play you will unlock almost everything. Only extra skins and outfits (which you dont need) are pay exclusive

  3. I have been playing this game for almost 2 years and haven't spent a penny on it and have reached Master 5 times…
    So you have to learn the basics to get good…
    Stop ranting about things you don't know anything about…
    Have been a big fan for a long time but now all the reputation I had for you is gone…

  4. In pokemon unite this guy equipped a held item for special attack while charizard is an attack unit (so the item does literally nothing)

    He uses leftovers, which is essentially the worst held item

    He's also getting 2v1d, so of course he's going to lose

  5. These people are seriously providing tips and criticizing Aaron's gameplay instead of focusing on the real issue and the real reason behind the video. You guys are the reason why all these greedy companies get away with what they are doing.

  6. Bro I haven't spent a single penny in Pokemon unite….just play free and grind hard….though it takes time to reach the top…..every game has quick paid methods to reach the top, while the long enjoyable way of grinding do exist

  7. I just want to preface this by saying that you are absolutely correct about predatory microtransaction practices.

    That being said, this issue is a bit more nuanced considering the cost to value ratio varies wildly on the type of game it is. Diablo is perhaps one of the largest outliers in being insufferably greedy, and Call of Duty Mobile has some of its gacha weapons with built-in optics which effectively free up a slot, offer superior target acquisition (as optics do) and provide certain attachments which are otherwise unattainable without spending (for example, the Mythic-class Fennec has a drum magazine).

    Edit: typo

  8. You should've checked the game called War Robots, the P2W paradise, where the paying player can get the best gear in a matter of seconds and destroy the whole enemy team of players. The greed of developers and unfair matchmaking came to such an extreme that players are welcoming hackers who destroy whales

  9. been there… now i play only single player games (one time purchase only). Even though they are becoming less, they are satisfying after finishing

  10. not me getting a raid shadow legends advert saying if i click now i get this legendary character.
    to test it out i did it and guess what…
    I didn’t get anything

  11. Aren't mobile phone company's doing a similar thing to manipulate people to keep coming back for more an almost perfected tool that always falls short of a ridiculous expectation.and your the guy who will point out these flaws. untill of course the next company comes up with the solution to the problem that was never a big deal in the first place,.keeping us in the loop,sell them what they don't really need.Same in politics too.always getting us to the verge of resolution untill the next unforseen issue arrives, it's not that they could have known this it all just by chance of course.

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