How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?

Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number – here’s how to spot them!
To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support:
For one of the worst tech Scams in history:
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  1. This was terrifying! I went out of town ans I went to go to the bathroom the other night in a lodge, and there could’ve been cameras recording me! 🙊

  2. I am not use if this useful or scary plus am worried that you may have just told some people how to be creepy and or how to start an illegal business 🤔🤔🤔

  3. and were just gonna believe you that? a hidden camera in a showerhead that wa a fake shower head you can see that you fucking scammer

  4. I cannot believe this, i pressed k b and s on my keyboard and a drive showed up and it had my passwords. One month ago mi roblox account was hacked and didn't knew why.

  5. a Toyota or a Hyundai SUV's casually, maybe… The next day my wife got a call from the Hyundai dealership, stating that I've requested a drive test on their Tucson model. Craz

  6. There’s one in my dads room omg thank you we would never have known unless I saw this video
    We contacted the police but they said it’s impossible to know who placed it there

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