How Apple is Taking Back the iPhone

The evolution of the iPhone through integration is real.

That shirt:

The two headlines
Apple making their own screens:
Apple making their own Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth chip:

Tech I’m using right now:

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  1. All I know is I resent the fact that they pressure you to buy a new $1300 phone every two years. I might come off as an old man here, but jailbreaking my iPhone 8 was the best “tech” decision I ever made. That community has been coming up with innovations that Apple just steals and puts into their new iOS updates years later. I bought the goddamn device, just let me use it how I want. Stop making it so hard. Bah humbug!

  2. ofc they are, that way, if something breaks and its part of one single hardware that only happens to be made by apple… there, we charge you all the money we can, same with the screens…. fuck apple

  3. I love how knowledgeable Marques and his team are. So many times he has said something and put it into context and I've just gone "Oooohhh yeah.. of course."

  4. Clearly I have no idea what is in those Samsung Apple contracts but I don't see why Samsung would sit on their hands as Apple prepares to replace them. The smart way to go would be to either contractually tie them for a longer period or stop supplying the displays before Apple is ready. You can't have your Apple and eat it too.

  5. It's kinda like Red Bull and Renault breakup. From how MKBHD describes Apple, you can hear Horner saying these "customization" to their engine. And years after, Red Bull had great results (with Honda). I'm expecting Apple will definitely reap what they'll sow in the coming years.

  6. Like I prefer Samsungs, my last two phones were Samsung. I literally am more social more involved having an iPhone. It’s crazy how intense FaceTime and iMessage and FindMy is.
    I wish GoodLock or some equivalent was available for my iPhone 13.

  7. For the price you might aswell buy a Doogee V30 which has an awesome 120hz display and night vision. Waterproof and huge battery life. Iphones are for sheep. Be a wolf.

  8. @mkbhd be interested in your thoughts on the nomenclature for Apple or beyond. Can they keep going from 14 to 15 to 16..!! It might be cool to see iphone 20 which I hope they dont call XX, and 30 lol
    Where could this go!

  9. If you haven't checked out the Vox Video on the China-US semiconductor war. This move to a unified RF chip makes a lot of sense since there's a big push from the US Gov. to bring back chip manufacturing back to the USA. Kinda goes hand in hand and who better than apple who've got loads of cash and can move to the next dimension of vertical integration in tech. They may not manufacture it, but they could be big time investors in these US made manufacturers. Higher profit margins, better optimized products for the consumer. Very cool video. Then again don't know how cheap it is to manufacture in USA vs countries with cheap labour, but with enough Gov subsidies, might just make sense.

  10. Marques lost at the marketing game and called the gigantic notch or "big hole in the screen" : Dynamic Island (wich is a software feature not hardware specificity btw).

    You loose, brainwashed. 😛

    I do think it's a great software feature btw. I even use an app that does the same on my Pixel phone (but on a way smaller, way more esthetic, better little hole in the screen that don't need to be hidden as much as the iPhone's, but the feature itself is cool).

  11. As a one arm content creator / future nurse. I love apple products. They easily conform to my disability and it’s usability is unmatched with the smartphones out there. I love my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch! Surprised Apple hasn’t released any DSLR cameras.

  12. My cousin is a technician and he always say when he compares two same model iPhones that their colour calibrations are different unlike Samsung which all have same colour calibration.

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