Google Pixel 7 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison

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Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Detailed Camera Comparison #SuperSafStyle
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Comparing 4K HDR with Dolby Vision, Cinematic Mode, primary, ultrawide, zoom and selfie cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 7 Pro for video and photos with sample shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Primary Camera
1:00 Low Light
1:52 Ultrawide + Macro
3:59 Zoom
5:35 Portrait Mode
9:01 Selfies
10:41 Video + Auto Focus
11:48 Stabilisation
12:19 Slow Motion
12:30 Selfie Video
12:52 Audio
13:20 Cinematic Video
13:52 Conclusion

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  1. I am a pixel user but iphone 14 pro max cameras are far better than pixel 7 pro And also Cinematic video is Very good I am disappointed with the pixel 7 after the results i was waiting too much that they should have been improved this year in cameras but not much Yeah For price pixel Worth after all it is much lower price than the iphone

  2. The big advantage here for the Pixel wasn't mentioned though: the price difference. In Europe, Pixel 7 Pro €899 (if you search well, can even get it for €859) and iPhone 14 Pro Max €1499! That's €600 difference bro….Apple is getting ridiculous with the price hikes.

  3. I understand people buying iPhones for the OS, but if they pay $700 more(India) for the camera I don't think it's justifiable. Plus you get the pixel watch and buds free.

  4. Damn, iPhone still has the best cameras for pictures and filming..
    i want to go back go Android, but the camera’s are really important to me.
    And no one on Android comes even close to the camera’s of the iPhone.

  5. It's amusing that you focused the most on portrait mode. Do people still care about portrait mode? You spent the least time discussing primary camera photos (nighttime + indoor + daytime pictures). Considering that's what people will be using most of the time (apart from the selfie camera), I expected you to spend more time on it.

  6. This is what I was looking for thanks. It was very frustrating to see every other reviewers are just exaggerating the zoom capability, like dude nobody cares about how much zoom it can do.

  7. You didn't test well the portrait mode. You need to step rewind and put 5x zoom to apply the real blur effect. Focal length 5x zoom is much better to portrait shots… You need to do another comparison…

  8. Portraits are different kind of photography. 3x make much more sense for portraits. I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind Google's portrait approach. It doe not look natural just because of artificial zoom and sharpening

  9. Hey Saf, first things first, love you❤️❤️, but i wanted to ask why don't u do a triple comparison, for example the s22 ultra as well would've been so nice to have it in this comparison, it would solve the pixel vs galaxy drama !

  10. I think it's tike for companies to drop the 128 Gigabytes of rom and 8 Gigabytes of ram and start with 256 Gigabytes of rom and 12 Gigabytes of ram since phones are considered "future proof" having more storage for a base model is nice; along with a headphone jack, micro SD card slot and a fast charger above 100 watts that's a smart charger that will know how to fast charge while keeping the phone and battery cool.

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