Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro Review – Ridiculous.

My Full Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Review, including battery life, camera tests, software and more! Check out dbrand here:

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  1. Yeah I use voice to text all the time when I text somebody or when I'm typing something up like for example right now. And even using the pixel 6A which is what I'm using now the performance for voice to text is just phenomenal

  2. This man can catch literally anything that falls out of nowhere without even seeing it… Arun remind me why you didn't become a world class cricket player?

  3. I love the hype, and I do have a Pixel 6 Soo tempted to trade it in for the 7. I think the store is offering $400 trade in. Thats what I did last year, traded my P5 for the 6. It's been so solid I'm afraid to loose it, lol

  4. Got the Pixel 7 Pro and that Google Watch LTE. I don't regret at all, they go seamlessly well together and compared to my old Pixel 6 Pro, everything works so well out of the box. And the new cameras are amazing, yes.

  5. I'd like to get the extra battery life of the Pro but I absolutely HATE the curved screens that seem to be prevalent on phones today. They really don't make sense on the phone that has a pen but on this phone it may be okay.

  6. Ultimately the thing with smartphones is the user experience. Does it have a camera you can be satisfied with 6 months later or even a year later. Is the user experience and the performance going to be very solid down the line after months of data cramming and usage? Is the battery gonna be very dependable in everyday situations and usage? Is the interface pleasing to the eye with multiple options available to choose at times? Is the camera quality something you can be happy with without longing for other people's camera phones? Is your phone overall something that you can be proud of a year later?

    If the Pixel 7 and Pro tick all these boxes, then that's something you can buy, and something tells me it will do all the aforementioned. The last phone that did all of those for me, that I still love and want to have is my OnePlus 6T, which I miss dearly because it's damaged and I'm broke. So if the Google Pixel can provide me with the same experience like it did with the OnePlus, Imma waste no time buying it.

  7. I'm generally an Apple user, but I'll give credit where due. This is very well engineered! I'm not super impressed with the microphone, but it works. That processing though really is well optimized, probably through their experience with photos.

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