Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: A Monster Tablet!

Megatablet. Hypertablet. Monster tablet. S8 Ultra.

That shirt!:

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds
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Tablet provided by Samsung for review.




  1. I bought my S7+ for only 200 bucks. I am too satisfied to care about the s8 ultra. I think I will get it if I ever see it for super cheap because of a defect

  2. Damn Samsung is locking up these Youtubers πŸ˜‚ They got you in there comparing the iPad Pro's screen with the samsung phone while you don't actually mention the brightness of the actual tablet. Also 240dpi is not very good for content creation. But ok I guess Samsung is a major bag alert lol

  3. Great…thank God you(mkbhd) did a video for it this year…2 years ago it(samsung tab s7plus) was part of the dope tech video…you didn't get to explain it capabilities fully

  4. Please do a review on tab s8+. Im on the fence between these 2 variants. The preorder on ultra free keyboard cover is very tempting, however on the tab s8+ only have keyboard cover without trackpad unlike the tab s7+ version.

  5. Folding technology has been around forever they just don't have the tech to hold a battery this was in 2010 when I saw rollable tablets and other amazing thin screens the world wasn't ready for by the way huge fan watching on my ZFlip3 waiting for the 3rd Gen very worth it can't wait for the 5 in 2 years!

  6. Glad the iPad is getting some competition. It sorely needs it. Apple are never going to make the iPad more capable on the software side until the competition forces them to.

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