Galaxy S23 Ultra vs the MOON

100X zoom is still ridiculous



  1. LOL, the iphone always show how inferior they are compared to Samsung. It takes Apple a half a decade to get features that Samsung masters. My Note 20 Ultra has been taking pictures of the moon in that detail sence 2020.

  2. Literally the only thing I’m missing on my 13 Pro Max. S21 Ultra was already good with the telescope lense. Tried the Pixel 7 Pro but Moon photos are not as good as the Samsung's

  3. SOOOO, the moon kinda looks the same for everybody, right? What if they're just detecting that you're outside at night, shooting the moon, and the camera isn't able to see the details that well, but they're using software to dinamically add the details from a photo made with a professional camera? Just wondering about this. 🤷‍♂

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