Galaxy S22 Ultra Impressions: It's a Note!

Samsung’s new flagship is here starting at $1200

Galaxy S22 Impressions:

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  1. I feel like the quality of recent phone reviews are kinda low, this video didn't have anything in it literally nothing except telling me the specs, I know its not a full review but still this video should be worth something. I love your channel and the quality used to be a lot better with richer videos. Compared to
    Arun, (mrwhosetheboss) this video doesn't come even close to his s22 review. I hope you take this as a constrictive criticism, because I still think you are the number 1 tech channel.

  2. I don't understand why the cameras have to be bumped out at all. Why can't they just make the rest of the phone slightly bigger so that the back of the phone is completely flat? That would allow for a bigger battery for longer runtime, or for bigger heatsinks for better performance.

  3. I have samsung for about 2 years now. It's midrange. And I wanted a good screen and camera, you know no one's gonna look at your phone. At it recently hit me when I was watching a YouTube video intro, my phone really has a great screen 🙃. It was neon animation on a black background and damn it looked good.

  4. I was in an ATT a few months back and they were trying to up-sell me on a new phone. I asked about when they were coming out with new Notes and a regional manager was in and heard me. He came into the conversation really quick and said that they weren't making new Notes. Instead, they're going to start selling the S-pens separately and they'll be able to work on all Galaxys and other Samsung phones.

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