Galaxy S22 Impressions: 1 Real Downgrade!

Samsung’s S22 is a boxier spec bump of an already great phone. With 1 concern.

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  1. Curious to see how the 8 Gen 1 compares, efficiency-wise, to the 888. The batteries in the S22 and S22+ are smaller than their S21 counterparts, so I'd be interested to see how the processor compensates for this.

  2. Advice needed, should I get the Samsung S22+? I'll be upgrading from S10+. My phone runs fine only issue is camera quality as there's a considerable difference from the latest phones. Thanks

  3. Definitely just gonna hold out and see what's to come with s23, still rocking the s10 plus because I just personally can't get into the s20 lineups so far, I don't like the way they feel and look.

  4. Remember when 2 years of smartphone innovation was the LG G Pro, to the G3? This is just embarrassing for Samsung. I'm sitting here with my S20 and I couldn't be happier lmao, still have 400gb micro SD expansion for less than 50$. I'll take that over slightly better cameras and processors

  5. I waited for your review of the S22, so I can compare the price & changes from the S21. Thank you for the review, here is my findings. I can purchase the S21 brand new for $399-$449 right now. The S22 has a price tag of $799, so in my eyes the S21 is just the smarter buy. The small upgrades are not worth double the price. Would you agree?

  6. What is the fact behind putting that flash light in the center ? For me it just looks bad design. I would fit those cameras and flash light together to see how do they look together.

  7. Clearly Samsung looks up to Apple. The iPhone 11 moved from rounded to boxy on the iPhone 12. Then not much was changed from there.

    Always Samsung following in Apple's footsteps.

  8. I had my S9 since day of launch but found its getting slow, slow response etc. i could factory reset but… i mean its time folks. Its probably the best phone in certain areas like screen PPI and 3.5mm jack and so on but.. its time. 5G too is here so i flipped the switch last night to an S22. Also got a $700 trade in for it so can't complain. its time and i think I will see a huge difference. EIther way its the future and we must all be absorbed by the tech borg at some point.

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