Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: It Better Be Good!


Note 20 Ultra starts at $1299. Key word Ultra.
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Mystic Bronze):
dbrand Grip for Note 20 Ultra:

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.




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  1. Frustrated with the Note 20 ultra…apart from the camera , they just wanted to change things for nothing…moving the s pen to the left ..when 80% of humans use right handed…worse is the DO NOT DISTURB that turns on by itself…maybe is me but I have struggled to get rid of this feature.

  2. Bought this phone the day of release and I have never been more happy with a phone since my T-mobile G1. Definitely the closest to phone perfection thus far and I've owned MANY Android flagships.

  3. This thing is still pricey after months. I'll wait. Im stuck with the note line & I cant see myself picking up anything else. I do everything with it. I'm still using the note 8 & it still runs like a champ. I actually like the plastic back. The glass one breaks too easily even with a case. Thanks M for the review!

  4. $1,300 for a cellphone is insanely high and I imagine it will only go higher because of the accepted standards on the price for a flagship essentially put in place by Apple.

  5. $1300 is fine if I get everything I want but since it's missing a headphone jack, $1300 is to much. I like carrying earbuds that never need recharging. I keep a pair in my gym bag and my bike caddy. I love the S-Pen but will give up the S-Pen over a headphone jack. I have a Note 9 now and won't upgrade until my note 9 dies or Samsung brings back the headphone jack.

  6. I'm still Rocking my Note 10+ the same as the day I got it when released. Still getting All Day Battery Life, Display & S-Pen.
    I still think the Note 10+ is the sexiest phone Samsung has ever made & I'm keeping mine.. I can still watch downloaded movies or streaming All Day Long without a Charge. The screen scratches easily but I can get another outer screen Replaced for $150. 512g plus 256g SD Card Storage? I can't justify switching. Hang on to them "Old" phones, they all rock!🤟

  7. I've done so much research and watched countless mkbhd videos on phones, and I've decided to buy this one (mainly for it's beautiful exterior and screen to body ratio)

  8. Omg. I just got the iPhone 12 Pro last week but this Note is making me drool.
    I’m still in my 14 day return period and I got some thinking to do. 🧐🤔

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