From the Outside it Looks Like a Normal Ring…

Oura Ring Generation 3 is here… Has the ultimate sleep tracker arrived? Sponsored by Oura. Oura Ring Site –

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  1. People are too fixated on info from these devices. These are not medical devices and you don't have a pathology so stop being OCD about REM time or heart rate scores etc. This tech is useless since they are not up to medical standards. Stop wasting your money.

  2. Just make sure that you don't your phone doesn't when it is paired as you can't pair the ring to another device, without un-pairing the ring from your old device. Oura support are clueless and been trying to sort out reconnecting mine for over a week and just keep giving the same instructions. So not only am I out of pocket for replacing the phone, I now have a £300 ring that is now not functional.

  3. I love the tech they're offering but it's so expensive to buy and than in order to utilize 100% of the features you need a membership too! so disappointing! 🙁

  4. I work shift work and it has I believe forever effected my sleep habits, having one of these could be informative/helpful… hopefully they become more affordable

  5. MiBand 4 did that all of that plus more for a fraction of the cost. Have ordered band 7 now. Single charge lasts 20-21 days! .. I'm a happy man.

  6. Oura Ring versus Apple Watch .. don’t know detail of data differences.. but adjustable strap makes it likely the watch sensors are always making good skin contact, whereas the fit of a ring varies with body temperature.. And you’d want to buy a ring that fits well from the off.. watch straps can be adjusted.
    Battery: Oura told me that the 15mAh (yes, very small) cannot be replaced. I believe them. Apple Watch batteries can be replaced – even a good amateur repairer can make this replacement. I don’t like totally non-replaceable lithium batteries in premium devices. I wonder whether @iFixit have looked at the Oura device..

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