Escobar launched a new product – it’s their WORST ever.

Unboxing our third (and hopefully final) package from the Escobars…and it’s the weirdest one yet.
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Thanks to Brian Jung for his help on this:
The Last Escobar Atrocity:

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  1. The same thing happens with stocks. Not everyone who loses their money in a scam is a victim. Some are more like co-conspirators who got in too late.

  2. @mrwhosetheboss I love your videos but I just thought of something.

    Calling out these gangsters is dangerous. You are well known and they know who you are. I bet they aren't taking well that you are trashing their stuff. Just stay safe and beware.

    PS you are the best youtuber I've seen. Video quality is so good you could easily get onto some Science TV channel.

  3. Jokes aside, I think the reason why they kept creating these scammy products is because they know popular influencers are going to give them coverage, so even though people won't buy into them they'll still get free publicity. In my opinion if YouTubers and other influencers stopped covering their products, nobody would know about them and therefore would effectively end their business.

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