Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog!


I made friends with a robot dog.

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  1. If this is Humanity's new type of dog, I'm leaving earth before you can say one good thing ab it. And the only robots I want a Robot Vacuums. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO OBSESSED WITH ROBOTS, THEY ARE LITERALLY THE THING TO TAKE OVER EARTH, like tf.

  2. Imagine if in the future just like in what Wall – e happened, this cute Spot playing these old vids where there's still humans…

  3. Hmmm, so when you have one of these to protect your home will IT COME with built in machine gun or taser? I wonder what the neighbours would say if going out for your daily run with one of these at your side with the BUIT IN MACHINE GUN for protection😆. Needs ' 'follow me' command.

  4. Should at least have put his name in the title. He's beautiful.
    Did you even show the running? It was super slow… He should be able to actually run.

  5. Amazing video and amazing intelligence! Very interesting to hear Marques switching back and forth between "it" and "he" in the voice-over. How close is Spot to sentience?

  6. 7:46 Now I'm relieved, robots also have a problem with the ductus semicirculares? 😉 Oh, well… who cares about Mars. My mother needs a shopping helper! 😉 😉

    didnt seen? Left front leg (while climbing stairs backwards)

  7. "hey Spot; grab me a beer"
    Spot walks over to the fridge, opens the fridge door, uses the cameras and sensors to find the beer, grabs the correct bottle, brings it to you, then goes back to the fridge to close the door, all from that one command. or unloads a full machine gun magazine into your torso, on a now routine patrol of the post-human, neo-dystopian future neighborhood you once called home.

  8. One of its leg must first touch the surface that's different from where it currently stands now and must calculate density of the type of surface and must put equal amount of pressure to walk on the surface accordingly.

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