Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬


The Freedom Phone by Erik Finman is an elaborate waste of money, and quite possibly also a security risk, do NOT buy it! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code boss for 50% off!

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  1. Imagine making a video saying a phone is a scam without actually having the phone or showing the phone at all 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Oh dear… There's some really huge yet basic gaps in this video which were pretty easy to answer, for example the phone was built in China because they couldn't build it anywhere else – they actually tried to build it in the US but it couldn't be done, highlighting a much larger overall problem (especially when war kicks off).
    If you wanna be cool and push into the political arena that's fine but you have to be MUCH more careful than the tech sector. YT show Timcast actually had Erik Finman on (I think for the whole 2-3 hour show, an extract part is here and they went into much greater depth about some of these claims and issues, if anyone's genuinely interested this is much better view on claims and answers (if you still disbelieve him then that's up to you).
    As for the above video though – while Finman's claims and unsubstantiated endorsements may inflame your personal political proclivities you can't back-fill gaps in information with presumptions and over-reaching extrapolation; it just doesn't work and dilutes the channel's referent authority. Assuming one's audience is disengaged, disinterested, too frightened to openly disagree or is even just outright dumb isn't a good look if you want to maintain an air of expertise offering considered opinions on the sector; I see a lot of detail and claim cut'n'pasted from MSM political sources (e.g. the claim of Parler being the primary coordination source for Jan 6th but AFAIK that was largely done on Messenger, Twitter and similar platforms, at least as was reported to early investigations).
    What this device is in practice is an attempt to cash in on the intense and immense dissatisfaction with having public discourse flagrantly manipulated and terminated by firms who want to sit back and claim to be a platform and not a publisher (and enjoy their Section 230 provision protections accordingly). My guess is that FInman's probably flipped on Fox News and a fair bit and seen a chance to cash in on this increasingly vocal area of dissatisfaction; remember this slice of the population is vastly bigger than reported by the media, just look at the last UK federal election to see that in action.
    I think this device would have been much better suited to a group trying to build on Lineage and with a more open paradigm but the problem is it's REALLY hard to get something set up in that space that's not overtly left or far left leaning; it's downright career-toxic sadly. I think politics and tech need to be sharply decoupled here; censorship and sterilisation of speech is the EXACT method used in the 1920s to silence debate on more extreme elements of politics and without these dangerous ideas being shown in the bright light of day in their formative stages they were allowed to fester, ferment and grow; and then we end up with the Nazi party and a swag of extreme left Soviet era parties too with a 200mil+ death toll.
    I actually think this phone will end up failing – I doubt they have enough consistent 3rd party infrastructure playing along to make the services and facilities that they're putting on this thing viable, at least at this stage. Finman probably thinks he's the early bird getting the worm on this but I think it's going to be "second mouse gets the cheese" – I really can see a parallel tech sector building in this vein (decoupled from the political control of big tech) but I think this will just be a picture of what some of it may look like down the track. Sure Owens may still be sending tweets from an Iphone but often these people have media teams that do that with automated processes so this doesn't surprise me too much.
    It's early days yet but once properly impartial systems and devices gain momentum – and end up being the method of choice for the left AND the right – we'll see some pretty big changes in discourse and the power grabs that have been going on for the past 20+ years.

  3. Right wingers are so dumb… They hate the elite, while voting for stuff that will only benefit the elite. Of course they fall for BS like this.

  4. US citizens seem to easily buy anything with the word Freedom. Buy your Freedom Kittens! Buy one now and you will give you a Freedom Eagle.

  5. I agree with you on the fact that the OS isn't revolutionary and I don't trust them to support the phone… They'd probably not patch up any of the security issues, but don't use the it's from china point, just agree that literally everything is made in china, however the security issues you pointed out seem to be good points. Avoid this phone like the plague

  6. Arun: Freedom phone is using an affiliate scam to promote their phone where they get a piece of each phone sold when using their code…

    Also Arun: let me tell you about Nord VPN, meal in a bag (just add water), and every other company I promote on each video…but this is different!

  7. Highlight of someone else's review: It kinda reminds me of an iphone.

    Verizon advert: Speaking of which, now you can buy an iphone 12 with up to $700 off!

    Me just trying to watch this video: How many times do I need to say "no"?

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