Did Xiaomi just make the best Foldable Phone yet?

My Unboxing and review of the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 – Including Camera, battery, price and a comparison vs Samsung Z Fold 4.

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  1. The real concept of folding phone is having bigger screen phone or tab fitting in your pocket :). This is useless compared to Samsung.

  2. Hmm, from what I've seen it seems to me like the Vivo X Fold is still the best overall package, other than the software that seems worse than Xiaomi's (and by that way worse than Samsung's)

  3. Does anyone know about the app or site that let u know about all the sites that are registered with google account. Arun told about this app or site in a previous video but I'm not able to find it. So if anyone knows about it, let me know.

  4. what if the surface duo or zte axon m improves it's screen to body ratio, puts the protruding main camera on the top bezel of a one of the screens and makes the gap in between the screens more invisible? That phone would only need to open 180 degrees (would be as functional as these 2 phone's screens), so the hinge bits only need to be visible on the back where the screen isn't, but you wouldn't be able to use it as a laptop or close the screens shut.

  5. One thing I don't get is people who say the outside screen needs to be more usable with 2 hands, for one thing the Zfold one is kinda good enough at that to the point where it doesn't really matter, but the main thing is that when you're actually using the phone with 2 hands why wouldn't you unfold it?

    Other than that though this phone looks awesome

  6. The thickness is not a big problem for me cause I always hold my phone in my hands I don't put it in my pockets but for me to get one of these folding phones they need to at least be durable to my nails so when I turn the phone around for a better selfie or Idk anything else I don't want to accidentaly scratch the screen (what am about to say may not apply to everyone) Ive always used a samsung note phone and that stylus has become a part of me and remembering the leaks from past years am hoping with the note's dissapearance they will forge the note and the fold togheter even tho the last S ultra phone was basiclly a Note in disguse 🤞

  7. I’m one of those folks “sitting at a distance”, waiting to see if this foldable thing goes anywhere. So far, I am not impressed. That crease in the middle is always going to just annoy me to no end! I just don’t see myself jumping onboard with the foldable screens until that crease is gone!

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