Desk Tour & Daily Tech Update 2023!

My setup tour and everyday carry for 2023.

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On my desk:
Xdesk Air Pro –
Yamaha HS8 Speakers –
Auralex Monitor Pads –
Promise Pegasus R8 (80TB) –
Herman Miller Embody –
Grovemade Desk Monitor Stand –
Grovemade Desk Tray –
Apple Pro Display XDR (Nano Texture) –
Apple Mac Studio (M1 Ultra) –
Opal C1 Webcam –
Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad –
Keychron Q1 Mechanical Keyboard –
Apple Magic Trackpad –
Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse –
Apollo Twin MKII DAC –
Sennheiser HD650 Headphones –

What’s in my bag:
PeakDesign Everyday Carry Zip (20L) –
MKBHD Alpine Water Bottle –
Apple AirPods Max –
Anker 747 GaNPrime 150W Charger –
Apple Magsafe Charging Cable –
USB-C PD Display Cable –
Apple MagSafe Duo –
Apple MacBook Pro 16” (M1 Max) –
dbrand Icon Skin –
Canon EOS R5 Camera (body only) –
Canon RF 15-35mm Lens –

MKBHD Merch:
Tech I’m using right now:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:



  1. The Anker 747 only provides a maximum of 100w power delivery from a single usb-c port. The anker 717 provides 140 watts from a single usb-c port but only has 1 port. The Ugreen Nexode 140W had 2 usb-c ports and 1 usb-a port and has a 140 watt max power delivery from a single usb-c port.

  2. @mkbhd your tech peripherals need a little organization. I’d recommend the evergoods cap1. No affiliation personally, our team just loves it.

    -Carryology team

  3. With so many electronics stuff in his bag, I am surprised the guy doesn't electrocute himself! 🤣 MKBHD is a walking talking microchip factory. China will probably kidnap him some day. 😝😝

  4. Question: if the EU has a mandate for USBC, will Apple also have to change the Airpods Max and Magic Mouse etc. ? Or just the phones?

  5. The depth of my desk I'm convinced is the cause of all my organizational issues. I've had wide desks, I have an L-desk now, but one with good depth to really have more space between my monitor and keyboard would make such a big difference

  6. AVP
    alright / but ,. just for you / ,. think and a cog cramp / yeah even me ,…/ it's why .,… well I'll tell ya later / I have typeing habitats / I , I bet /

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