Dear YouTube!

My thoughts on getting rid of dislike counts.
The blog post:
That shirt!

Tech I’m using right now:

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  1. Well then, i'll just use the dislike button on every video until I feel like youtube respect me again. Feel free to dislike my, I don't care about that, I'm not feeble enough to care for thoses kind of things.

  2. There are already ways of disabling the like-dislike buttons on videos, this was a needless act by YouTube to make its own videos look better. This idea has been thrown around for years, ever since Rewind started receiving a ton of hate.

  3. YouTube doesn’t care if you are watching a useful video. All they care is watch time, when you watch a wrong video, you will spend more time watch another video. Watch time means more money. That’s what they want.

  4. Them removing the dislike button is 100% going to hinder my willingness to go out and discover new content. I'm unwillingly going to end up staying with the people I know who make good content instead of browsing random stuff. I don't know what to trust now

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