Dear Electric Cars!

Amid Apple Project Titan rumors… let’s talk about future electric cars!

Porsche Taycan story:

Tesla vs Ford beef:

Gas vs electric range graph:

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  1. Your are conpletly wrong, if you ask me. The Range of Electric Cars doesn't top be above 500km. Most people only drive 50km a day. The bigger battries makes the Electric car a danger for the Environment. The Future lives in Microcars with a 6kWh per 100km, so that the Powernetwork doesn't get overpowered

  2. feel like the range of other EV's shouldn't deter people away from getting one of them, over in the UK the Nissan Leaf is one of the highest selling EV's because its the second generation of that car, with a decent range which is more than enough for a day, with the other small EV's like the BMW i3, Honda E, Mini electric, etc. Maybe the range matters more for the people in the US but you really shouldn't need 200 miles a day over there either, its more of a Luxury than a necessity for people who go with Tesla.

  3. Why make the supercharger stations a frequent as gas stations pay gas stations some money to get a corner of there land and just put a few super chargers there

  4. This is where the government would have came and set the rules. Unfortunately Capitalism doesn't work that way because it promotes selfish competition. China on the other hand has set their foot and stated every one of you have to be compatible with this !

  5. You should do a video that is a message to gas stations. and bring up that the first nation wide gas station like shell or Chevron to put a dedicated electric car charging station section in there entire network of gas stations will have a massive advantage over the rest. why not have a one stop shop that anyone can go to to refuel, gas or electric. I can envision a gas station that will have its gas islands and then off to the side of the parking lot a row of chargers for electric cars that anyone can pull up to. any brand or model will be able to use it. they can charge for the electricity so it would be profitable. That would solve the major problem that electric cars have and it would also solve the problem for these gas companies that eventually they will not be needed anymore once the world goes full electric.

  6. Marques, this is so classist to demand cars to have more than 400+ miles of range. We need more and better public transport and cars that drive 100 miles within cities or between home and public transport stations.

  7. Probably, many people do not realize that most of that electricity they use to charge car batteries is made by burning same fossil fuel as is burning in traditional cars. So, it is reasonable to ask about gas mileage of electric cars. Now, in an old car there is just car engine between gas and mileage. In electric car we have power plant, transmission lines, car battery, and the motor in that chain of energy conversion from fuel calories to car motion. I would like to hear from the 'experts' about resulting gas mileage, but I bet that it is no better than half of that of a regular car.

  8. you do not need as many supercharger as gas stations. because most people will charg the car at home. But i agree at home you will need also infrastructure…

  9. So Marques Brownlee you don’t think of that, that electric cars are bad to make; for the climate. That the car battery are also bad for the climate, to make and to trash when the battery is done. Because that emit a lot of carbon dioxide, to.

    Diesel cars are the best cars for the climate. For diesel cars emit minimal emissions;
    Carbon dioxide;
    So to speak…

    I am sorry… but I THINK that electric cars are not the feature.
    I THINK that Diesel cars are the feature…

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