Can You Trust MKBHD?

Can you trust MKBHD videos?

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  1. I love how genuine you are man, I so look up to you. I always wanted to be a successful youtuber like you are but i wouldnt be like you. so i dont start.
    you're amazing either way

  2. I remember when Amazon released their Fire Phone.. MKBHD was like "yeah…. no. This is terrible. Do not buy". I really respected him for that review, and he was right.

  3. Yes, I do that myself a lot before making a purchase decision. I visit a lot of review ls on that particular tech. This kind of research is beautiful as well for me.

  4. If he would be too critical, the companies wouldn’t give him he products early, and his videos would be irrelevant. It’s obvious he won’t hurt his own business.

  5. Have never and will never do a paid review?

    What was that thinkpad video all about then the other day?

    Oops I mean “that ultrabook” video…

  6. This man mkbhd has a pure heart guys , he’s been at this since 15 and gives us honest reviews with his viewers best interest in mind. You have my trust

  7. Well the truth is, you've made your channel about you and not so much about reviewing for consumers. You have a lot of influence but you use it for your own benefit rather than talking about what the average consumer wants. Calling 6,7 inch phone a phablet when just a year ago 6,5 inch was too small and 7,2 inch phones were going to be the future. Talking about how easily you can reach the top of the screen with one hand when most of us use two hands anyway… Let's face it, people want bigger phones with bigger screens, not small like people like you. And if you're trying to tell me those re-reviews of devices that drop 2-3 weeks before a new phone model is out aren't paid ads… Nobody will believe that. You recently made a video about why Sony phones don't sell. The answer has been obvious for years. They make super expensive phones with amazing tech and stuff it all into a 6,5 super thin screen… Nobody wants that. It's a waste of tech. Samsung Fold 3 will be a smaller and thinner screen thanks to people like you. When people again want the screen bigger. Also, we all know Samsung products are not premium nor superior to others other than for the price point. The tech is boring and there is no innovation. Xiaomi and others are doing the brave new stuff while Samsung changes the layout and adds a new processor and asks you to pay 1,5k for it.

  8. I am a fan of how u showcase a product, creativity in your videos, details which put or speak. even after watching multiple other reviews or tech videos, I wait for the video here on your channel.

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