Buyer's Guide: The best flagships and & flagship killers to get (Holidays 2022)

If top performance is your priority when choosing your next phone, look no further. Here’s OUR HAND-PICKED LIST of the top flagship killers and the best flagship phones to get this holiday season – all tried and tested by GSMArena’s staff.

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – OnePlus 10T 128GB €650
01:31 – Motorola Edge 30 Pro 256GB €600-650
02:49 – Realme GT2 Pro 128GB €575 256GB €620
04:01 – Editor’s pick: Poco F4 GT 256GB €530
05:34 – Xiaomi 12 Pro 256GB – 850 Euro
06:50 – Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 256GB – 880€
08:01 – Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB – €1500
09:32 – Editor’s pick: Samsung Galaxy Fold4 – 256GB – €1200
11:26 – Conclusion



  1. Don't support for high refresh gaming though??? Don't be an idiot without even knowing it don't speak . Most of the games in the play store support higher refresh rate 👍 do some research before making a video

  2. Great picks except for the fold 4 which in my opinion still experimental cause last version brought up mayor issues with the screen getting scratched and not supported to the costumers on it, and the other thing is the Xiaomi 12 pro which have the 8 gen 1 not the plus version

  3. Pixel 7 pro, either it is more than a flagship, or it is even not a flagship killer that is why it is not mentioned! Unfortunately, I wasted 12 minutes of my life.

  4. Motorola been launching great phones these days. Feel like they king of go under the radar in the US market because Samsung over shadows them. One of the things that they don't get enough credit for is that they have some of the most responsive screens of modern flagship phones. That matters so much for things like typing and actually using the phone.

  5. hey, hello and where is excellent flagship of the year Vivo X80 pro? this phone had to be there in that best choices.. or there also missing Oppo Find X5 pro, Xiaomi 12s ultra and Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra and as flagship killer category , absolutely top and missing there Xiaomi Mi12T pro!

  6. What none of the Pixel devices made this list. The fan favorite pixel 7 isn't considered a flagship killer..the 7 pro thee point and shoot camera phone isn't the editors choice 🤔.. I'm shocked😱

  7. I just snagged a bundle of samsung devices for great discounts for U$1288 I got an S22 Ultra 256GB, Samsung Watch 5 44mm, Galaxy Buds pro 2 and a free Samsung fast 10000mah power bank.

  8. Xiaomis shouldn't exist in any flagship list. The hardware is flagship, but when one uses a flagship they expect both flagship hardware and software, which is where Xiaomi fails very badly.

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