Best Back to School Tech 2022!

Thanks to @Best Buy for sponsoring today’s video! Check out the tech I showed off on my Best Buy storefront at or at the links below.

Dell XPS 15 Laptop:
M2 MacBook Air:
Samsung Galaxy QLED Chromebook 2:
Logitech MX Master Mouse 3S:
Apple iPad Air 4th Gen:
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen:
Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone:
Samsung Galaxyt S21 Ultra Smartphone:
OttLite Office Desk Lamp with Qi Charging:
Belkin 3-in-1 Charging Dock:
Sony WH1000XM4 ANC Headphones:
Beats Studio Buds:

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  1. I love the MX Master 3 and especially its scroll wheel, but a few months after I started using it I began to have issues with my wrist aching/sharp pains. Since then, I've switched to a thumb trackball for work, and a pro x superlight for gaming, and I never get that same wrist pain. Sometimes I try to use the Master 3 again bc it's still sitting around and I love that scroll wheel, but it's not long before I can feel wrist pain creeping back in all over again. No idea why, something about the form factor. Such a shame!

  2. My first time disliking an MKBHD's video. This is definitely Bestbuy's recommendation list not Marques's. If not, Marques has lost touch on this one and/or has completely forgotten what it's like to be a student. Recommending flagships of every category like what the hell man? As a 5-year university student myself I find nothing of what you mentioned here to be necessary. Also, Marques you're not keeping up well with Samsung's progress in the Tab series. You've reviewed a few Tabs, I know, but with lots of mistakes that a real S tab user wouldn't make, a small example in your last tabS8 review is not knowing the S pen doesn't need to be charged to be used. For what it's worth, the tab S is the most complete device students can use. It comes with a free S-pen, expandable storage and the very underrated Dex Mode, which students will definitely need. How come you spent 5 seconds talking about the most complete device out there? The apple pencil alone costs $130 and works only via bluetooth, and you're recommending that to students? Also, except for taking notes, iPad is the stupidest device students can have. Limited multitasking, no desktop mode and very uncustomizable. I understand that the tech world has become extremely overwhelming but you're no ordinary tech user, you live on Tech. Pick up the pace.

  3. I have used Galaxy Tab S7 during my Ph.D. It's been a lifesaver for me. First of all, it is really good for reading journals, note taking and scribbling on the pdf's, secondly, it doesn't strain your eye that much when you use a computer or a laptop always at a fixed distance, thirdly you get the premium version of noteshelf free with Tab s7 and lastly if you are from a STEM background and use a lot of illustrations or flow process diagrams, you can draw those easily with the stylus on Tab s7. I choose tab s7 over Apple Ipad Air for its ease of use, user interface, and cost (you get stylus for free with Tab S7 and in most cases keyboard too with a huge student discount).

  4. I know this is a great video but I don't have any money to buy any of the gadgets listed. But someday, someday, I hope I can have some of these gadgets. Nothing wrong with dream right. 🙂

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