BeReal – The Instagram Killer?

BeReal is a brand new Social Media app trying to take on Instagram – But is it going to win?

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  1. It’s not real though. I don’t do social media. I literally have a google account and that lets me watch YouTube. Otherwise I’m off it all. However, when I’m with friends and they get their be real notification, it’s a frantic rush to make sure that they look good, they have a good background, and that their life looks as appealing as possible to all the people they’re sharing it with.
    If you want real, get off social media and try actually spending time with people. There is not, and will never be a social media that accurately reflects someone’s life, because it’s still just what you want to put out there regardless of whether you make it positive or negative.

  2. 💀he’s about 2 months too late to say “might be the next big thing”, but no cause instagram lets you see anyone’s profile and their past posts. Both apps are cool.

  3. its millennials that are just becoming adults now with the oldest of them being about 25, ittl be another five years or so till the "gen Z" starts turning 21.

  4. i feel lke BeReal is less of a social media platform and more of a message. im suprised it got as much attention as it did since its essentially an antithesis to how social media has been for over a decade.

  5. You really need to have some serious addiction problems, if you need an app like this!
    Like why use an app that sends out an notification of you having to take a photo of yourself in your daily life, this is even worse than current social media platforms. The current ones are more a choice of what and when to share pictures. No, i'm not saying any social media is great, they are still social media apps, as is youtube!

    Or am I missing something here, and jumping the gun?
    I might be old fashioned, but I take photos to remember the moments. So I later can talk about the photo and what I was doing, and feel nostalgic.
    If I choose to share it, then I do so. With no strings attached.

  6. I think you’re right about GencZ – remember a couple of years ago, when the show Friends has a renaissance amongst that group, and one one the reasons was because Gen Z found it fascinating to see how friendship groups existed and functioned and dated in the time before the internet and smartphones.

  7. Sounds nice but you know how this goes.. monetization and ad revenue would sneak in..why? Cause it will go public, shareholders want return and this will turn into another soul destroying app..

    It's only a matter of time until they bring in filters, disable front camera and allow people to "upload" content.

  8. I think that your final analysis about business model of Bereal shows the main issue with social media :

    They have made basic, daily social interactions something commercial.

    It’s wrong. That’s the problem with the free for the user model : you’re not free at all, you become a product.

    And younger generations are so used to that model that they are reluctant to any sort of paying platform.

    But yet the price in term of mental health and legal issues such as harassment is huge.

    And at a time when global warming make sobriety an emergency, it’s even worse, because making something free hide even more the environmental cost.

    Social interactions are too important to let private firms and market controlling them.
    And of course, because public control is dangerous as well, social media regulations should be independent both from economic and political power, such as any kind of justice should be.

  9. Honestly, this is just another rethinking of Snapchat. I have Snapchat, but don’t really use it that often because most of the content is mundane, random stuff I absolutely don’t give a shit about. Great, you’re eating a sandwich, yupeee! I think this says a lot about our general state. We WANT the fake and exciting curated content of Instagram, but NEED a more natural interaction experience. BeReal will fail. Casey Neistat’s startup BeMe was basically the same concept, and that unfortunately went no where. If BeReal can convince me it is truly different than BeMe, than I’d try it out. But right now, I’m not convinced in the slightest. That might also be because I’m not in search of a replacement for Instagram. I mainly use it to communicate with friends, send memes and so on.

  10. We use other social media platforms because we want to forget the harsh reality of the life.
    And this new app want to realize us that "hello, don't forget you are in the very shitty life"

  11. I actually don't want to see the random shots of what people are doing right now, it sounds really boring. Also, I feel like this app would make me more self conscious of whether I look cool enough to take a picture right now – I would feel pressure to wear makeup and have my hair done all day long, just so I am prepared for it. I don't want to take an unflattering photo of myself in a pajama working in front of the computer.

  12. are people really still using Instagram just to post pictures of themselves and look at pictures of other people? I feel like if you are you're immature or genuinely 13. Instagram has become more of a platform for creation rather than something for selfies, outside of stories

  13. awesome video….but I have a query, why to look forward to another social media platform just to connect to your friends? Don't you think this whole thing of "I need to tell each one of my friends and potentially some strangers what I have been upto lately" is just one fake thing? When we are so irresistant to let your friends know what happened in your day, you can simply call them🤷‍♂ I know this sounds like one big lecture but I believe that if you are posting on social media just to let your friends know, then you are not doing what you are thinking you are doing

  14. just like instagra which was its purpose, within time it became a platforms for businesses
    for the main reason, the app needs to make revenue somehow
    so i doubt if this platform will last more than two years

  15. They should make it sk that you can make almost like pintrest boards so that people can add the funniest be reals and then you have something to look at for hours

  16. I think I found a solution for how BeReal could get their finance, by introducing some features that are locked in a subscription. I'm thinking kinda like how Discord does. Like maybe being able to comment in GIF and Animated stickers but only when you are in their subscription? Or maybe you can create and customize groups where you can share BeReals in only this specific group, only for people with subscription? I never used the app though, im just throwing out the idea out here 😅

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