Apple vs Right to Repair: Part 2!

Apple vs Right to Repair has taken a step in the right direction!

What is Right to Repair? (Part 1):

Apple Newsroom announcement:

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  1. Did anyone else wonder if ports being corrected to parts was intentional in the sentence at 4:11 (when the short list of components that could be repaired officially was being discussed)?

  2. A little puzzled why he mentioned motherboard repairs and skepticism about if people would do that, when Apple has no intentions of even giving those parts to professional repair shops..

  3. I thought Louis Rossman's video was interesting about this update. They've done this before and the program basically just put lipstick on a pig. Knowing Apple, they will add enough fine print to make this a mediocre program that accomplishes far less than the legislation would push them to do.

  4. What are your thoughts on tesla if that commits to the same policy? And make parts which are repairable by the ordinary us. I know they don't sell phones but think about changing the side mirrors of cars. Just take out them and attach the new one.

  5. Curious if Apple is doing this to phase out repairs at Apple Stores and getting into the repair parts retail business. Should be a major logistics change/challenge for them behind the scenes

  6. Look man…the thing is this…my iphone 12 or 13 should be covered under a repair warranty anyway…so why would I want to fix the device myself if Apple should be doing it for free anyway…the iphone 12 is still fresh enough to be covered under a battery warranty at the very least…

  7. Feel the new Apple repair program will be best used by people who have the skill, and live in remote locations. Necessity is the mother of invention. Most people who live in remote locations have learned how to repair items.

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