Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14 vs 16 – Is it Worth Your Money?

Is the new Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16/M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14 worth it?
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00:00 Strong Reacts
00:54 Fortune 1
01:02 Introduction
01:56 Fortune 2
02:19 Unboxing
11:33 Clean My Mac
13:22 Fortune 3
13:37 Editing Set Up
15:32 Editing This Video
16:20 Lew Later BTS
17:15 More Editing
17:41 Run Down
28:08 Fortune 4



  1. 15" The only size that a normal intelligent none window licking human needs for screen size on a computer laptop . Apple make 14" or 16" and I know why I fucking hate there company and everything about it . That and there constant similar type decisions on products .

  2. i dont understand this "its expensive" thing, like the macbook pros were never expensive before? 😀 we have to compare it to intel versions, and many times the price is lower than comparable intel spec, while the M1 powered models will be way faster in anything, plus twice the battery life. but i guess when the last 16" came out everyone was saying its expensive too 😀

  3. One of the best review videos… I am getting fed up with the videos of the speed tests – some real world use and an interesting discussion about it afterwards is much more benefitial… good work!

  4. I‘m with you on the fact that the base model can get most things done easily. However, IF I felt the need to upgrade (speaking of the 8k future) one component, what should it rather be (for Lightroom and Final Cut Pro / non-professional editing)? Max out the M1 Pro chip, or get 32 GB of RAM? Thx for the informative and entertaining video.

  5. MacBook Pro is so good that they make edit in the spot, Lew being happy and had some fortune cookies too. Many things happen in one video about the new Mac? Oh dang this is going to be good. I’m buying it.

  6. New filming style is different, feels abit jumpy and changes the video style from relaxed to more vlog-like and in your face. Not sure it works for me but fair play for mixing it up

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