Apple iPad Mini 6 – The Ultimate Portable Gaming Device?

Apple iPad Mini 6 for 2021 is a much needed refresh to Apple’s iPad lineup. Is the iPad Mini the perfect iPad for mobile gaming? Sponsored by Leia. Lume Pad –
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  1. The ps4 mount he uses is Sony GCM10, it is discontinued, pretty expensive on eBay. I have a few brand new ones for sale. If you are interested, do me. Ships from canada

  2. FYI you can enable Playstation remote play anywhere without out have your actual PS5 on at home. You can play anywhere you have WIFI at home , at work on the bus in te car…etc

  3. after a couple months of use, my biggest problem with the Mini is where they placed touch ID. i think they should have put it on the lower bezel like the old touch id. i also don't think it needs to be a physical button, and could have been more of a touch pad.

  4. Why the PS5 Case has a whole in the vent?! the complete design of the case is so the air flows in all the console LOL. That PS5 is going to overheat and leak the liquid metal and die one day. But hey! It's black… LOL

  5. Well the difference in colours between this huge oled nd this iPad is drastic. IPad's screen looks very poor standing next to any oled. Shame that such expensive tablets have cheap lcd screens.

  6. Lmao why waste money on a trash ass apple product. When a android is a way better option for gaming. I can play anything from nes to. Nintendo switch on my phone but. I can't play ps3 ps4 Xbox or Xbox 360 on my phone.

  7. I love the mini. I’m not someone who needs a lot of power on portal device that’s not where am playing and im not really a designer so i don’t really need more screen size so the mini just the perfect model for me. I’ve been sitting on mini 3 for like 5 or 6 years know and i really need to switch 😂😂

  8. I was gonna get this then I bought the galaxy fold 3 because of the better screen resolution/ refresh rate and just the fact I can fold it up and take it with me where ever I go

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