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DALL-E 2 is an AI that can draw anything you ask it for. It’s terrifying and amazing at the same time.

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  1. "Let me in! Let me in! LET ME INNNNN!"

    This is legit my new favorite thing, but understandable why it's not available to the public yet

  2. Incredible that we've made so much progress.. slightly worrying how this will be used, considering how people already respond to propaganda…and some quite obviously fake, pixelated photoshopped images. This is a level beyond that

  3. With software like Promethean AI already doing this sort of thing in 3d space rendering with speech pattern recognition, This sort of thing is still remarkable for the non-High end tech users

  4. I notice a lot of people saying how they'd be able to turn their fiction into AI generated tv shows. You do know EVERYONE would have this power right?

  5. I've heard of this tool through TikTok Before! I didn't know it was still in development! Thats awesome especially since there are things it can't do and shouldn't be able to do. I was also fascinated with the perspective it gave for the elephant one. Exceptionally interesting.

  6. Next time i see something unique over internet is going to be hard for me to believe. This is seriously very dangerous. People can be easily misguided. I can see how the coming years and variations of more detailed graphics can take this thing to another level

  7. You know, police could use this to get a visual of how crimes are confessed and drawing out peoples words, you would see nonsense or believable story. I think this tech should NEVER be released to consumers. It would benefit to much leverage for marketing and misleading.

    It could help people be found by taking words they say and getting hints. Perhaps children could be found.

    Or like Iron Man, new elements might be made, but I think this AI serves to create faces for androids in a distant future, and robots need to understand how to speak to people not only with words, but imagination. This AI tool, will also be an aid for robots to tell lies or not be naive if they can rationalize things that are said, it would prevent the machine from being gullable.

  8. If ill be honest, this is absolutely incredible and I'm sure this tech will have so many uses in the future to make the world a better and more advanced place but I can see this easily going very wrong, they are probably going to continue with researching AI like this and if they do, don't release it to the world to use.

  9. Everyone's still praising AI. Not long and people might be regretting it as it starts to take millions of jobs and then even worse, once it realises the human race is a virus killing the host (Earth) and that the only way it (AI) can survive is to wipe us out.

    If you think about it though, AI is actually part of our evolution as a race. Sure, by becoming "androids" or whatever we're almost entirely changing our genetic makeup, but we'll likely create them in our likeness as humans are incredibly vain creatures. AI is how we live far longer than greedy, needy humans could ever possibly.

    AI used to scare me as it'll probably become quite powerful in my lifetime, but when I considered that it wiping us out wasn't actually a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't so bad. When you remove greed from the situation it actually becomes quite easy to support AI.

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